Still Hooping

It's been forever since I last wrote about hooping. Some of that is because I didn't really do it much for a while, but it never completely went away and I still love it. In fact, this winter I've finally gotten a decent hold on some things like shoulder hooping that I'd been struggling with for what felt like an eternity. This year for my birthday I ordered a new lighter hoop that hasn't quite arrived yet and a pair of mini hoops. Mini hoops work a lot like spinning poi which you may recall I tried and hated a couple years ago. However, spinning mini hoops is about a million times more fun for me than spinning poi. I'm having a blast. Occasionally hitting myself in the face with something has never been so fun.

I've been spinning pretty constantly lately. Since the mini hoops are new to me my hands get pretty bruised up from playing with them for too long, but it's not too bad. When I get too bruised up I just take a day or 2 to play with my big hoops more while I heal.

Hooping "blasts 400-600 calories per hour... and has been proven to shed as many calories as cardio kickboxing." - says the postcard I got with my minis.

These days hoop dance is my accidental cardio. I've decided that while I do enjoy running - My body doesn't recover from it as quickly as I'd like and I'm just not gonna do it anymore. It interferes with my yoga and yoga comes first. I found a hoop dance class at a nearby studio. I hope to attend one of these days and see what the hooping class is like.

This post is rambling and not all that coherent, but I just wanted to say - Hey, I'm still hooping.

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