How To Be Alone

This video - I saw it, and I immediately loved it. In authentically inhabiting the skin of exactly what it set out to be - it's inspiring, poetic, and beautiful. Yoga is all about becoming more comfortable with yourself - just you. If you become comfortable with yourself - you can learn to be alone with yourself - then you can learn to love yourself. There you just might find enlightenment - and if not that - maybe just some peace.


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Melissa Shanti said...

I LOVE this video!! Made my heart feel so this culture it is such a tricky thing to be alone, especially as a woman. This video really made sense to me. Thank you for posting....I am promoting a 7 day spiritual retreat called "The Gathering"...We will be focusing on meditation, music, yoga, and spiritual teachings from many different paths. Here is the blog site if you have any interest. ~Peace~