Meghan Currie Inspires - (Video)

I came across this fabulous video of a timelapse practice by Meghan Currie (Wandering Yogini and yoga teacher). You should totally check out her happy artsy website complete with blog.

This video features a lovely inspiring practice that made me want to get up and do yoga immediately. Some of it looks a little funny because of the fast timelapse nature of the video, but overall it looks like a graceful dance. I have to note that not only does she pull out some really nice tricks, but she does it all without a mat.

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AliveintheFire said...

Love this post! Wish I had those moves... :)

Ronni said...


Holy wow.

Just when it looks like she's breathing heavily and about to collapse, she's back up, doing another inversion. Her strength is amazing!

I don't have half of those moves!