Take a Breath and Call me in the Morning

Today I want you to take a big breath. Really. Like consciously stop and take a big long deep breath. (Eyes closed is nice but optional.) Inhale all the blessings present in your life right now; then Exhale all the bullshit you're hanging onto for no good reason.

Doesn't that feel better? Repeat as necessary.

Photo Source: This glorious pic is from a Sianna Sherman Newsletter not too long ago.


atheist mommy said...

best advice i've gotten all week, month, and year! :) i am trying to keep jim sane by reminding him to take his recovery one day at a time, but he wants to be 100% immediately. it's hard to slow down sometimes and just be thankful that you are in this world.

April said...

Always glad to be of assistance with simple reminders. Hope Jim is feeling better - even if it's slow-going. Hugs ♥