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HeartsExpanding reader and independent filmmaker Daniel McGuire is making a documentary on Traditional Healers of Bali. I think that's pretty cool. Maybe you like documentaries, traditional healing, you read the book Eat Pray Love, or you like to support the arts. If you're any of these people, then you are very well the kind of person Daniel is looking for.

He has spent 15 years studying and documenting Balinese traditional healers. "McGuire shot a short piece on healers that aired on the Discovery Channel in 1998. But he returned to Bali regularly, and touched base with the healers he met in 1996, shooting follow-up material." One of them you may have already heard of, Ketut Liyer from Eat Pray Love, but they are all worthy of your attention.

A little bit about the healers:
"While Ketut Liyer is now the most well-known healer in Bali, he is upstaged in the film by a healer named Mangku Made Pogog. 'Pogog is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.' McGuire notes. 'He has a kind of energy and charisma that is really mindboggling. The only person I’ve ever seen who came close is Iggy Pop - though that’s probably a weird analogy! Check out the trailer on Kickstarter if you don’t believe me.' Another healer in the film is Mangku Alit, a healer who falls into trance and is possessed by a spirit who dispenses advice to patients. 'She’s a force of nature, and very grounded in her community. She operates in a different realm than the rest of us…'"

Daniel says of Pogog: "The question in my mind, when I first saw him, was "where does this style come from?" Did he invent it? Was it part of a family or older tradition? Could it date back even further - to the time when India colonized the Indonesian islands? I'm still looking for answers to some of these questions."

If any of you have some insight into these topics - Please share.
You can view a trailer for Daniel's film by visiting the Kickstarter Link Below. It was supposed to be embedded here, but for some reason it's not working.

Here's Where You Come In:
Daniel McGuire has a Kickstarter Campaign (and a trailer for the film) to build funding of at least $15,000 for the production costs of this film by September 5th. Act fast so you can become an integral part of this film's creation by donating as little as $1. If you want to become a backer for this film - head on over to the Kickstarter campaign page to pledge your donation. On that page you will find more information on How it works, Where the money goes, and What you'll receive in exchange for your generous donation. Your pledge will only be deducted from your bank account/credit card IF the goal amount is reached or exceeded by September 5th.

You can also find Daniel McGuire and his project on

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