Seated Forward Bends for People That Don't Bend That Way

Yesterday I posted on Standing Forward Bends... and today I'll be covering the seated versions of those same things. It's basically the same pose, but because you're seated the modifications are a little bit different. Just like the other post - the first step is to keep your feet hip distance apart.

Hip Distance = See Previous Post for too much talk on this.

If the very act of sitting upright is not possible (or is painful) then grab a strap. This is totally effective.
Notice my arms, legs, and feet are very active. No lazy stretches will improve your hamstrings/low back.
Keep your shoulders back and belly firm too.

Once you are comfortable at a 90degree angle - shorten your strap a lot and keep up the same active work.
Note: Shoulders are still back but arms are straight since you don't have to counter as much torso pull.

This also works with bent knees if your lower back is sensitive. However, make sure that you really press away from your heels with your BUTT. If you don't - then the bent knees negates any helpful stretching you might have gotten.
If you don't press back through your butt - you might as well just lay down... its just as useless.
All the pieces are still active.

You can totally do this at a wall to help you root through your feet. Stretches your hamstrings, and is perfectly fine if that's where your comfort level is. If you feel a stretch - it's good. Press through your hands, butt, and feet. Keep your legs strong and toes flexed. Lengthen your back without using your back muscles.
Great modification if your low back is sensitive and you don't have a strap.
Legs active, shoulders back, low belly tucked.
Ignore that block - it just happens to be there. See my note above about the active butt.

Have questions about these modifications? Did I not address your issue at all? Did this post only confuse you? Send me your questions and I'll always do my best to answer them.

Tomorrow: Hip Openers to help you on your journey towards comfortable happy forward bends.

In general, this sequence is for anyone, but please don't try this sequence without speaking to your Dr. first if you have any medical/physical problems. Seek Peace At Your Own Risk!

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