Health Fair Results

My blog may be about yoga... but ultimately it's all about Health in general too. Wednesday Adam and I went to a health fair. We wandered around and got free pens, tiny tooth shaped floss, and got fun little measurements like cholesterol levels, body fat, blood pressure, etc. It was an interesting experience. Here's how my numbers turned out:

Weight: 113.6 pounds
Not terrible, but a little high. Remember that I'm small, so my ideal body weight is close to 100.

BMI: 24.1
On the upper end of Normal.

Bodyfat: 34.9%
Ick. This is a bad number. I've always mentioned that I need to get my nutrition in check and here's proof. This officially classifies me as "overweight" which I already knew, but geeze.

Skeletal Muscle: 27.6%
This is dead center of Normal. I have a supremely OK amount of muscle on me.

Resting Metabolism: 1128
This is the number of calories I would burn each day if I did absolutely nothing but lie there. It's a good base number to know if you want to count calories.

Body Age: 42
How I ended up with a body age of 42 is beyond me. My bodyfat is really the only bad thing on there. So yeah - my actual age is 29, but my body is 42... supposedly...somehow.

Visceral Fat Level: 5
Again, pretty much dead center of normal. This is the amount of fat I have in my guts.

Blood Pressure: 110 over 70
Normal and Peachy

So overall I'm healthy as usual, but my bodyfat is aging me and making me gross. Boo. I've actually been trying to work on this a bit, and you can check out My Bodyspace page to keep up with it if you want to. There's a link to that page that lives at the top of my blog, so stop by anytime.

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