You are Ridiculous & That's Okay

I'm gonna come right out and be honest - yesterday I didn't post anything because I was watching the Lost finale, and afterwards I was just kind of in a - aww man, Lost is gone forever - kind of funk. So yeah, I'm a Lostie and I'm going through withdrawals. Bear with me as I muddle through the rest of the week.

Today I came across this astoundingly wonderful post about being willing to do things for yourself even though you may think they're ridiculous... just because you're you and you're worth it. Visit The Bloggess Here. Truly awesome stuff - go read it and see the impractical red dress in all its glory.

In case it isn't obvious here, I totally agree with her post and I always encourage those around me to throw practicality and "what others think" out the window and live their life for themselves. So what if your neighbors will think you're f*ck*ng crazy... put on your cutest dress and sit barefoot on the patio playing with your new sidewalk chalk. I don't care if you're 60 - if that's what makes you happy it's totally appropriate.

To quote the bloggess: "So today, think about what it is you need and were too embarrassed to ask for. And then go f*ck*ng do it."

I mean, have you ever worn a ball gown to the grocery store? I have... the gown was my wedding dress and I was just there to buy cake. People will probably disapprove of you no matter what you do - even when you're doing your best to be practical and average - so just enjoy yourself. You only live this life once - go for the gold and don't look back.

The Lost pic is from the LOST site on ABC


jiorji said...

you're great! i love your posts :D ♥

ModredVintage said...

I've never watched Lost, but for some reason I caught the very ending, which shows in your picture. I found myself thinking I hope the dog is alright and isn't left on the island alone. Feel free to mock that comment.

April said...

I don't find anything mock-worthy about that comment Modred.

And for the record... the dog is fine. He's just keeping Jack company... and otherwise lives with an older couple that's taking care of him. Plus... there's some other other people on the island too.

and jiorji - Thank You ♥