Surround Yourself with Love - Not Hate

It came to my attention this weekend (again) that some people are downers. Some people will never like you or what you do... or that of anyone else for that matter. You can give and give and give and be nice and happy and sweet - but they're still going to smash whatever you put out there and tell you it's not good enough. I think everyone knows someone like this. The type of people - that you don't have to do anything wrong - for them to attack you and everyone you love.

I don't like these kind of people - I really really don't. Whether they're attacking me or someone I care about. Sometimes they turn out to be the same people you've baked cookies for, and bought gifts for, and supported without fail - for years.

Anyone that knows me, is aware that in my household we have no problem removing habitually difficult people from our lives. I generally try to surround myself with people that are life and love affirming. The type of people that are supportive, kind, positive, open, full of light and lacking in drama. I don't allow major drama-queens or hate-filled jerks in my life. I've weeded out the worst offenders over time and my life is better for it. Continually trying to please people and getting beat down for it is exhausting - and eventually it's just not worth it.

You just can't please some people - let it go.

Which people can be quietly tolerated/disregarded or need to be snipped out is an entirely individual decision. No one can tell you if that friend you've had for 6 months is really worth keeping around but you.

For a wonderful article on difficult interpersonal relationships - I highly suggest you read Kathryn Budig's Elephant Journal Article Why It's Okay to Not Be Nice.

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ModredVintage said...

I like your post. I've learned as I aged it's just easier to avoid negative people. Life is too short, and I try to stay focused on the positive.