Personal Dharma

Yesterday I mentioned dharma... my personal dharma to be specific... but a lot of my readers may be left asking "What? What is dharma?"

Since I was talking about personal dharma - that's what I'll define. In this article, Sally Kempton defines personal dharma as "...the path you follow toward the highest expression of your own nature and toward the fulfillment of your responsibilities to yourself, to others, to your society, and to the planet." This can be related to individual situations or in regards to The Big Picture.

I rarely feel the need to drag dharma into it when making daily decisions. I only do it when I'm feeling really really conflicted about something. Since I've had a good handle on what my personal dharma (Big Picture) is for a long time now - I simply have to ask myself which decision will bring me closer to achieving my personal dharma - my life purpose. That doesn't necessarily mean I feel any less conflicted about the decision in the short term, but it ultimately leaves me confident that I'm making my decision for the right reason.

Lots of people, unfortunately, have not yet connected to their life's purpose. But that doesn't stop you from utilizing dharma in everyday choices. Put rather simply - it's just evaluating the situation and deciding what is Right Action - for you with whatever information you have at the time. Right action is not the same for everyone... it's highly individual. Always follow your own Right Action and you'll be led to your own true path - your personal dharma (Big Picture).

Just like all rivers run to the sea - all the small decisions lead to your Big Picture life.


southernyogini said...

Reminds me a lot of Erich Schiffmann's Book Moving into Stillness. About listening to your inner wisdom in order to seek what the higher self (the trueself, the real you) needs in order to be "happy" or at peace.

ModredVintage said...

I didn't know much about dharma, therefore I enjoyed learning about it from your post. I'm glad you posted in the forums about your blog.

Valerie (Discerningchichi) said...

Thank you for introducing me to dharma - had never heard of it before!