Long Weekend Update

In light of today being a holiday with a 3-day weekend I'll keep this frivolous. This weekend has been cold and rainy mostly (just like every other day here) and I'm really missing Hawaii. I didn't even LOVE Hawaii and I miss it. It was never cold, it was sunny, was all beach, I spent all my time half naked and in the ocean... it was awesome. Could have been warmer, but it sure beat cold and rainy. I need to move south again so I can have seasons other than winter and summer... or just somewhere where it's summer all the time. That would be great.

This weekend I:
Went to the movies twice: Sex and the City 2 was terrible... Prince of Persia was much much better.
I have done a bunch of gardening. Re-potted some peppers, started 2 windowboxes of herbs and today I'm going to plant some bell peppers. We bought a good sized cat palm tree and placed it right next to the altar. Ganesha hasn't looked this good in a while - trees become him.

We've started taking these 2 mile walks around town and those are fun. I like taking my fat dog on those walks because he really needs to get more exercise.

Also - in case you guys were keeping up with it - I feel off the meditation wagon and have to start my 6 month thing over. I was halfway there! boo. Ah well.

Today I'm going to try to fully appreciate nature and this extra time with my husband.
What are you guys up to on this fine weekend?


Burning Moon said...

Sounds like you had a very active weekend I will be going to the movies this upcoming weekend I can't wait.

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Then I Got Fat said...

I wish it was cool, it was very warm this weekend and today started out stormy so the humidity is up there. Can't wait for fall. LOL.

ModredVintage said...

Sorry you fell off the "wagon," but it sounds like you had a nice weekend.