You know what I hate? New Years. It's kinda like earth day - people love to make these grand good intentions on this one day. Just one. What's with that? Every single day is an opportunity for a new beginning. Every day is a brilliant day to make a change.

People chronically like to make mental notes of things they'll work on or accomplish at a later date. Even though it's May and I'd like to start eating better - I'll take note that I should totally start doing that in January. What?? I know it's easy and safe to put your goals at some not-yet-existent future time, but what about right now? Right now is the best time for a new beginning I can think of.

My lifelong best friend and I were discussing this very issue back when January was coming up and I like the way he put his final decision so I'm going to quote him here. "Thanks for your ideas. I'm going to think about them. And I'm going to think of some things that need a tiny bit of tweaking. And we'll say that I'm deciding to do these things because it's time to do them, not because January is rolling around. That way, I'll have the rest of my life to succeed, and not just the time between January and that rough week in February when everybody hits a snag and gives up."

I have a handful of things I have on my "anti-resolution" list all the time. Be kinder to my husband, eat clean (no sugar, almost no salt, no processed foods), do yoga, meditate, try new things. For the most part, that's my daily list of things I want to focus on. If I screw up this morning - I can start over this afternoon. If I screw up all day today - I can start over tomorrow. But you have to make that decision. You can't give up and have a defeatest attitude about it. Things are a lot easier when you truly know that every day is fresh. You didn't blow the whole year by not working out for a month - It was just one small stumble before a lifetime of success.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.

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Additionsstyle said...

I love this post! You are so right, we can always start over each and everyday, and each day reach a new level of success.