Epidemic of Perception

I'm seeing an epidemic all around me... every day. People walk around with these skewed perceptions of themselves and allow themselves to be defined by what others think/expect of them. This, I believe, is one of the primary causes of chronic unhappiness. How you define yourself colors your experience of the world. Whether you are labeling yourself poorly or letting others do it for you - it creates a divide between what your True Self wants and what you're doing.

If the people around you only see you as a wife and a mother - then they may expect you to be happy to live in the kitchen and laundry room. They may dislike when you choose to do things that fall beyond the narrow borders of that definition. If everyone (including you) only sees you as a caregiver to someone else - it can be difficult to reconcile that you may need to be taken care of too.

People define others quickly and those definitions don't tend to evolve over time while the person being defined is changing constantly. Eventually there is a gap between what they see and what is really there.

The practice of yoga tends to slowly bring the you that's on the outside - closer and closer to the you that resides quietly on the inside. Your true self. The deepest most pure expression of you is always there just waiting for you to find it and start to live from that place. That solid unchanging place of confidence, compassion, happiness, and truth.

Once you find it - finding the path to your greatest happiness is easier. Once you become acquainted with yourself from that internal point - the definition of you becomes a little less open to interpretation and tends to be more correct.

I define myself as a yogini - whose purpose in life is to help others find that inner truth to bring more happiness into their lives. I try to live my life fully rooted in that truth.

How do you define yourself? Is it helping you follow your true path or do you need to go deeper?


sara lee said...

GREAT post April!! and yes, very timely.

You know I believe that the one constant is change-everything is in flux so it is a series of decisions - something comes up, do I take that road or do I continue on my present path? (learn from path taken, apply what is needed, discard what might not work, keep going and repeat). A "work in progress" would be a good definition of myself- and the work being aimed at going deeper.

Too, this post is great inspiration to have in mind while we are stepping into our true selves- look "out" into the world- keeping in mind that others are looking to/if not already trying- to step into their true selves - so that we are not seeing those around us in a limited way. That was a bit crazy write- hope it made sense. Thank you!! and Have a super great Memorial Day weekend!

April said...

Your comment made very much sense to me... although I had to read it twice to get it. lol

The first half sounds like a summary of things I've written before... and the second half I think is important, but people tend to forget about it. Perhaps I should write about it one of these days ♥