Yoga Ruins Your Life (Video)

I fell across this video on my Tumblr feed and I just had to share it. Everything he says in this video I just keep nodding and goes "YES! That, exactly!" Yoga ruins your life in so many ways and it's fantastic.

Waldo Goes to India

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Finding Balance Amid Chaos

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I am currently deep in the process of moving. My days are all over the place. Between packing and gathering paperwork and scheduling movers and all that mess I am always seeking some semblance of balance. 

I have to remember somewhere in my mind that if I don't make time for myself - for my yoga, my artwork, and my family - then I will burn out quickly.

Somewhere in the chaos I have to stop and turn inward. I must find the stillness to reconnect with my center and breathe. Even while the world around me seems to be going at warp speed. Just like in my yoga practice - the transition needs to be treated with as much skill patience and equanimity as any other time.

"Yoga doesn't take time it makes time." - Ganga White

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Awaken with Yoga

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Wisdom from Signs

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Wisdom on a sign in front of a chiropractor's office:

Pain is not from an ibuprofen deficiency.

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